Win $1000 for Best In Show

Deadline EXTENDED to 12:00pm, 21 June 2021 • Streaming live on 3:30pm, 26 June 2021

Communities of LGBTQ are brimming with diamonds in the rough, waiting opportunities for their magnificence to shine.

This year, Pink Fest is holding its first ever Queers’ Got Talent competition – an opportunity for LGBTQ in Singapore to share their talent to the world! There are seven compelling skills categories open for entries. Drag Race Thailand star Pangina Heals will host.

The winners will selected from a short list of finalist by a panel of creative luminaries that include: TV icon Najip Ali; voice coach and actor – Petrina Kow; theatre practitioner and Singapore’s #1 Faghag – Pam Oei; Miss International Queen Singapore 2020 – Andrea Razali; musician, radio presenter and co-host of The SG Boys – Joshua Simon; actor and comedian  – Selena Tan.

Queer Got Talent is a collaboration with fashion boutique Super Freak and part of Pasar Pink Pop-Up’s virtual program.

Collaboration Partner

Got a natural talent or learnt skill you want to share with the world?

Sign up for the first ever Queers’ Got Talent competition at Pink Fest. You can enter any or all of the seven skill categories. In the spirit of inclusion and Pink Fest’s values, allies are eligible to enter. A $200 cash prize bundled with absolutely bootilicious swag are up for grabs for the winners of each category.

Queers’ Got Talent Competition Details:

  • Entry Fee: $8 – you to join as many categories as you want
  • Submit your entry and pay your fee by 12pm, Monday 21 June – EXTENDED.
  • Tune in at 3:30pm on 26 June to see who wins

Queers’ Got Talent Categories

Bring us a mask-look that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.
10 seconds maximum duration

The Happy Dance:
Show us your dance for when the pandemic is over. Bring out your best moves with wild abandon and grace.
30 seconds maximum duration

GLEE-ks On Fleek:
Grab your mic and unleash your inner diva with songs, beatboxing or other forms of sonic expression.
90 seconds maximum duration

Dramama Rama:
Show us your acting skills! We want to see over-the-top antics, comedic reactions, melodramatic mind games and more.
60 seconds maximum duration

A Star Is Born:
One look, one song, one chance to lipsync for your life! This drag category is open to all: boys, girls, non-binary folks, amateurs and pros alike – bring it on!
90 seconds maximum duration

Odd One Out:
Got something to offer that doesn’t fit into other categories? Like to think outside the box? Be weird, be alternative, be the best you that you can be.
60 seconds maximum duration

Best In Show:
Judges pick the supreme winner across all categories.