june, 2021

junSingaHeroes presents: Scalemail & Ixora the Flower Knight!Buy or gift a unique Singaporean Buddy Cop Superhero Comic. Exclusively for Pinkfest ❤️Month Long Event (june) Cost:$2 for a digital short comic, $5 for physical

Event Details

Empowered by a mystical being, Eric and Hallie transform into the super-powered Scalemail & Ixora, using their abilities to battle bullies and bigotry and protect the oppressed! The dynamite buddy-cop duo debut in this short comic book story from the pages of the successfully crowdfunded campaign, SingaHeroes.

This very special PinkFest edition also contains a behind-the-scenes look at the comic creation journey from script to art to letters.

Singapore Superheroes Inspired by Flora and Fauna

Based on the pangolin and ixora flower, this LGBTQ+ superhero duo embark on a lifelong adventure, constantly at odds with each other while sharing the most important belief: that equality means protecting all.

Set just months after being imbued with their powers, the dynamite duo have finally begun to get into the groove of defending the defenceless and battling bullies and bigots. Unfortunately, with great power must come the great responsibility of getting some proper training.

And to where would a mystically-powered Singaporean swordswoman with a geek for a partner-in-crime-fighting turn in search of training?

This short story also features a special guest appearance by local Star Wars fan group FightSaber!

Can’t wait to read their story? Find out more about Scalemail & Ixora’s adventures here.

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Month Long Event (june)


$2 for a digital short comic, $5 for physical


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