Pink Fest returns in 2020 for an exciting third year. To refresh your memory Pink Fest is a two-week long festival of LGBTQ-friendly events. Our vision is to become the most memorable festival in Singapore that is inclusive to everyone.

Pink Fest is special because ideas and passion from the community drive our program of events, workshops, performances and activities. Our job is to curate the ideas into one exciting calendar and promote the festival to over 100,000 people in Singapore and across Asia.

We’re excited to announce our call for proposals for Pink Fest’s 2020 season. Anyone can submit a proposal – from individuals to community groups to businesses. Below you will find everything you need to inspire you. The deadline for proposal is 28 February. Submit your proposal now.

The Pink Fest Steering Committee

The Basics

Pink Fest is a two-week long festival that excites and engages LGBTQ individuals in Singapore and their allies from all walks of life. The festival program includes talks, workshops, exhibitions, live performances, parties and other events. Arts and entertainment, mind and body, career and business are among the key themes of the program.

Pink Fest consists of three fundamental parts. The first part are Official Events, an exciting collection of diverse events proposed and produced by members of Singapore’s LGBTQ community and its allies. The second part are Signature Events which anchor the festival program presented by key partners. And the third and final part are Official Promotions that provide special offers, discounts and other promotions offered exclusively during the festival.

The festival is organised by a committee of community volunteers. The committee’s vision is for Pink Fest to help breakdown prevailing stereotypes about LGBTQ by creating more opportunities for diverse segments of Singapore to engage, learn and be inspired.

Pink Dot is a political demonstration held at Hong Lim Park that brings together LGBTQ individuals, allies and the wider public in support of the freedom to love.

In contrast Pink Fest is an independent event comprised of community-organised, commercial activities held islandwide and scheduled two weeks in the lead up to Pink Dot.

Pink Fest welcomes individuals, community groups, social service organisations and companies to propose ideas for our slate of Official Events and Official Promotions.

Pink Fest events are 100-percent commercial activities where Singapore citizens, permanent residents (PRs), foreign residents and visitors are welcome to attend under the provisions of local licences and regulations that govern festival venues.

Submitting Proposals

Pink Fest was borne from a desire to bring diverse ideas from the community to life. Individuals, community groups, social service organisations and companies are invited to submit proposals for the limited number of slots allocated for Official Events and Official Promotions in the festival program. All proposals submitted are vetted on the basis of creativity, relevance and feasibility by the Festival Programme Panel.

Only proposals selected by the Festival Programme Panel will be officially endorsed after a due diligence process is completed. Organisers of Official Events, Signature Events and Official Promotions will receive pro bono marketing support and media values to help publicise their offerings.

Yup! Pink Fest events are commercial activities such as food, workshops and entertainment. Therefore, non-Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) are eligible to submit a proposal.

Of course! Pink Fest events are commercial activities such as food, workshops and entertainment. Therefore, companies without majority Singaporean ownership are eligible to submit a proposal.

All Pink Fest activities are private commercial events held at venues with valid permits and licences. All Pink Fest Partners are offered briefings and on-going support to mitigate the risk of complaints.

Having a valid licence at the time of proposal submission is not a prerequisite. However, if selected as an Official Event, organisers will be solely responsible for securing any and all relevant commercial and/or public entertainment licences in time for the festival. For more info please refer to the GoBusiness government license portal.

Not at all. Licences have been granted in the past for LGBTQ events and businesses in Singapore – ranging from theatre performances to bars, nightclubs and others. Licence applicants must ensure they fulfil all relevant legal requirements e.g. no pornography, no incitement of racial/religious tension, etc.

Our current guidelines for event and promotions is that they be 100-percent commercial. Hence no fundraising activities will be accepted into the Pink Fest 2020 program.

Yes please, by all means! The more the merrier!